ahg igg c3d

Across Gel® AHG IgG+C3d

Environment with Coombs reactive, to be used for direct Coombs, indirect Coombs, antibody screening, antibody identification, cross match, auto control, and for the use in the typing tests of weak D and other system antigens.

Ref. No: 810215 / 50 Cards
Ref. No: 811215 / 10 Cards

neutral coombs

Across Gel® Neutral/Coombs

Allows for the detection of auto and allo antibodies in serum / plasma via enzyme and Coombs methods. 

Ref. No: 810218 / 50 Cards
Ref. No: 811218 / 10 Cards


Across Gel® Neutral

Comprises neutral microtubes to be used in reverse grouping, antibody screening and identification, cold agglutinin test, and in typing isoagglutinin titer and other system antigens. 

Ref. No: 810219 / 50 Cards
Ref. No: 811219 / 10 Cards