anti dviplus

Across Gel® Anti-Dvi+

Being used for the detection of Dvi antigen that has high immunization risk. 4 samples can be worked via one single card.

Ref. No: 810211 / 50 Cards
Ref. No: 811211 / 10 Cards

anti kell

Across Gel® Anti-Kell

Being used for the detection of Kell antigen with the highest antibody formation risk right after D antigen. 4 samples can be worked via one single card.

Ref. No: 810212 / 50 Cards
Ref. No: 811212 / 10 Cards

rh phenotyping with kell k

Across Gel® Rh Phenotyping with Kell (K)

This card, typing the antigens of Rh and Kell systems in details, and minimizing the erroneous results with the ctl microtube, also allows for finding the most suitable blood for the patients undergoing transfusion frequently.

Ref. No: 810209 / 50 Cards
Ref. No: 811209 / 10 Cards

rh phenotyping

Across Gel® Rh Phenotyping

Allows for the detection of C, c, E, e antigens within Rh system. Two different tests can be conducted on one single card.

Ref. No: 810210 / 50 Cards
Ref. No: 811210 / 10 Cards


Across Gel® Newborn

Newborn Card; Allows for conduct of forward ABO grouping, detection of Dvi- and Dvi+ antigens, and monospecific and polyspecific direct Coombs tests on one single card.

Ref. No: 810213 / 50 Cards
Ref. No: 811213 / 10 Cards

monospecific direct coombsdat

Across Gel® Monospecific Direct CoombsDAT

While allowing for working with two samples, this card also allows for the conduct of polyspecific test with AHG, and monospecific direct Coombs test with IgG and C3d.

Ref. No: 810216 / 50 Cards
Ref. No: 811216 / 10 Cards

anti igg

Across Gel® Anti-IgG

Being used with monospecific Coombs reagent in detecting free IgGs on erythrocyte surface, and / or in serum / plasma. 

Ref. No: 810214 / 50 Cards
Ref. No: 811214 / 10 Cards

cross match

Across Gel® Cross Match

Complete Cross Match Card; ABO/Rh blood type control of recipient and donor, as well as major and minor cross match (for whole blood), or major cross match and autoantibody tests (for erythrocyte suspension) of the patient in environments with enzyme and Coombs can be done simultaneously via one card.

Ref. No: 810217 / 50 Cards