Across System® Card Centrifuge

- With 24-Card capacity
- Constant speed and time optimized for Across Gel cards
- Visual and audible alarm in case of unstable loading, or power failure
- Operable via 50-60 Hz mains power

Dimensions: 525mm X 410mm X 180mm
Weight: 15 Kg

Ref No: 900100


Across System® Card Incubator

- With 24-Card capacity
- Formed of a total of two blocks with 12-card capacity per each
- With adjustable digital temperature and time indicator
- Operable via 50-60 Hz mains power

Dimensions: 325mm X 295mm X 95mm
Weight: 4 Kg

Ref No: 900110

yeni reader

Across System® Card Reader

- A compact device with its Own Operating System and Touch Screen Monitor
- Positive identification; Card/Test evaluation; Personal password
- Real Card image; Visual archiving; 300.000 test capacity
- Archive search with Name, Surname, Id, Date, Between certain dates to see all the test results; For a patient to see all the results in past.
- Transmission of test results to HIS/LIS 
- Remote access system

Ref No: 900160

calisma istasyonu

Across System® Workstation

- With 12/24-Card capacity
- Sample tubes and solutions for the test cards on the same unit
- Independently usable card, tube, and reagent modules

Big : 8mm X 58mm X 32mm
Small : 8mm X 47mm X 32mm

Ref No: 900140 - with 24-Card capacity
Ref No: 900150 - with 12-Card capacity


Across System® Pipette

- Distribution of samples in series of 10µl, 25µl, and 50 µl
- Easy-to-dispose used leads
- Adaptable to left/right-handed use

Ref No: 900120


Across System® Dispencer

- Fast and reliable use
- Choice of use in 100 ml and 500 ml bottles

Ref No: 900130